cut scenes when you are in stealth - apparently they talk to the thin air that's there?

Level 1
2 years ago

I did a quick search for this, and didn't find it reported already, so here goes...   I tend to move the whole party around in stealth all the time (and, who doesn't? :D ), so that when a cut scene starts where some boss is telling me how much they are going to kill me or something, "in-game" I'm still in stealth.  Then when the cut scene ends, the game never kicked me out of stealth, and so the little "you are about to be detected" circles start filling up.  At which point, I can just pause, set up an attack, and get a full surprise round on these enemies that were supposedly just talking to me for the last five minutes.

It makes some of the fights really pretty easy.  I finished off the ending boss fight with the defiler thing in a couple rounds, with hardly a scratch.  I got good initiative rolls, and I think the adds were dead before they got to move, and the boss got a single attack in.