Customizable options for individual contents and custom difficulty

Level 10
5 months ago (edited)

I wrote in reply to Dev news, but just in case I also write in here. 

Can we have custom difficulty setting with customizable options for individual content? I'm not sure if it would be possible or not, but would it be possible to introduce all difficulty-related contents to on/off custom options, and call them "custom" difficulty, so that players can approach the various individual setting? 

Though it is not an RPG game, The Long Dark is a good example.

In The Long Dark, 4 difficulties are given by developers: Pilgrim (easiest), Voyager, Stalker, and Interloper (toughest). In the wiki page I linked, there is a table of contents & options for each difficulty. The great thing in TLD is that, players can approach the individual setting options, selectively on/off or change the setting for individual contents. They are called "custom" difficulties. This way, players can enjoy their own game with their own settings. 

If we use a similar approach for Solasta, something like this would be possible: 

Darkvision: D&D / TA-homebrew

Magic/Unique item drop from enemy: Frequent / Medium / Rare / None

Magic/Unique item drop from chest box or loot box: Frequent / Medium / Rare / None 

(for None options, players must buy or loot the craft blueprint to make Magic/Unique items) 

Food weight: Light / Medium / Heavy

Food harvest chance (world map): Frequent / Medium / Rare / None

Food consumption: 1 box per person per night / 0.5 box per person per night / 0.25 box per person per night 

Crafting ingredient harvest chance (world map): Frequent / Medium / Rare / None

Crafting ingredient harvest chance (chest box or enemy): Frequent / Medium / Rare / None 

Local weather effect (more fatigue build up speed in the world map for local region due to random weather): On / Off

Martial Damage modifier (enemy): Very high / High(5e rule) / Medium / Low

Magic Damage modifier (enemy): Very high / High(5e rule) / Medium / Low 

Enemy health pool modifier (enemy): Very high / High(5e rule)  / Medium / Low

Bonus reroll-anything chance for noobs from "poor DM": Twice per day / Once per day / None

Ironman mode: On / Off

Event/Dialogue dice roll: On (D&D rule) / Weighted (still rolls but favors to direction of more XP) / Off (no dice roll for event/dialogue for easy difficulty) 

etc etc...

Then, you can mix these settings, then introduce Easy / Normal / Hard (= Pure D&D 5e rule) / Impossible / Custom (if a player changes one of any settings from pre-determined options) difficulty to the game. 

This is just a brainstorming suggestion, I never meant to pressure anyone among devs and I'm not saying my idea is 100% correct. These are just examples I listed as a brainstorming attempt. 

But if things like this (custom options) are introduced, we can expect several merits: 

1) Player satisfaction among different groups of player base with different taste of RPG will be increased because players can make their own story and set their own difficulty. 

2) This is what DMs do with their party, so D&D players can feel the glimpse of TRPG in Solasta. 

3) This will give a more or less different experience to players and will increase the replayability of the game. With user modding contents, such options will make players play Solasta again and again with different parties with different settings. 

So, it would be great if we could see highly customizable options (and mods) in Solasta in the future. 

Again, thank you so much for this great game!