Customisable Backgrounds

Level 6
6 months ago

Currently the background features are very limited in terms of theme. It sometimes makes more sense mechanically to pick a background you don't like thematically (e.g. going Lowlife for Thieves Tools prof). I would suggest adding small options to each background to make it more customisable to the theme the player is going for. Here are some examples:


Bookworm: You are proficient in Arcana, Insight and your choice of Nature/History. (currently locks you into nature)


Detective: You are proficient in Perception and your choice of Intimidation/Investigation. (currently locks you into intimidation, investigation seems like it should be here)


Soldiering: You are proficient in Athletics and your choice of Intimidation/Persuasion. (currently locks you into intimidation, persuasion is for the sellsword that is good at bartering for their wage)


Rough Diplomacy: Proficient with your choice of {Nature and Poisoner's Kit}/{Sleight of Hand and Thieves Tools}. (currently locks you into Poisoner's Kit but not all spies would be assassins)

Some examples better than others but hopefully the point gets put across. Also, some obvious choices (Fighter Sellsword) means that the Armoured feature is useless. Perhaps there could be a choice of features? Or perhaps if you gain proficiency in something you are already proficient in you can choose a new one from a list.

As a side note, I believe the Philosopher theme is too close to Academic and the Philosopher features don't really feel like a Philosopher. I would change this background entirely to a Healer type background.

Side side note, an Outlander/Hermit type background is sorely missed.