Custom Map via the DM, keeps rerolling a DEX save for a ZOMBIE. unending loop

Level 13
1 year ago (edited)

This is on a custom map via the D.M. THEY SHOULD HAVE STAYED DEAD. This takes place at the door right in front of the center entry point, after the flanking lanes have all been cleared.

I had cast FLAMING SPHERE in the doorway with my WIZ, and used the PAL and CL to hold the line. The Rog and Wix then fired arrows at the inbound Zombies and after a short while, 4 round maybe, one of the zombies ran across the trap and tripped it. Then upon entering the SPHERE, rolled a DEX save. Then the game loops permanently, rerolling and rerolling and rerolling that save; different results each time.

I reloaded the last auto save (the file I am sending you in the email), and it did the same thing again.

I'll post a video in the morning.

Made a post under the BUG REPORTS on STEAM:

4:58 video

encountered this doing pay test of this self made dungeon. I'm 2 hours in so not eager to start over. Loaded the save, and this time concentrated my arrows on the zombie that trips both the trap and the Flaming Sphere in the same turn. Thinking that was the cause of the issue. It's not. A different zombie trips the trap and yet different one runs into the sphere and gets the repeated rerolls for the Dex save....

so...back to the drawing board, delete the trap, start over.