Current Version Bug Cleric of Law Channel Divinity: Holy Retribution

Level 1
1 year ago

When I use this skill:

"When a melee attack damages you, you can use reaction to Channel Divinity and strike back using a melee weapon, adding (2d6 + Cleric level) psychic damage."

If I use the reaction -- instead of the attacking mob receiving the retribution, it is my cleric the one receiving it, with the psychic damage included, the spell is working backwards.

It happens right now in multiplayer sessions, cannot confirm in single player. But happens 100% in multiplayer.

Level 8
1 year ago

Yes, I confirm this in single player mode too (Lost Valley). That's very annoying. Also the dialog displayed when it happens has untranslated strings and is barely readable.
At the moment, this skill is useless, if you don't pass, you get even more damages.