Cunning Action QOL Suggestion

Level 1
6 months ago

I find myself regularly wasting my rogue's action after having clicked cunning action and accidentally clicking the wrong dash or disengage.  Possibly it would be ideal to hide those buttons by default on rogues?  Or make that an option.  Or at least hide the "action-consuming" buttons after you have clicked Cunning Action, but before you have selected your choice.

Level 7
Kickstarter Backer Weaponsmith (Bronze)
6 months ago (edited)

I definetly dont think the action ones should be hidden on default for rogues, since you absolutly could want to disengage or dash as an action and then do smth else with your bonus action, however, making it an option could be done if the devs have the time.

Level 8
6 months ago

Well generally no. Your bonus actions available as a rogue are disengage, dash, use an item(thief), teleport(caster archetype)(some spells). Only the teleport doesn't overlap with the full actions. But if you're disengaging or dashing first you're probably not teleporting because you're only likely to teleport if you need to double dash and disengage on the same turn.(and so likely doing it first). 

I have also eaten many actions on the same UI quirk