Crown of the Magister Achievement not unlocking

10 months ago

I have played through the main campaign 2 times to completion and am attempting to 100% the achievements list, however I am stuck because each time I reach the point of the game where I receive the crown, the achievement does not unlock.

This is my Steam page.

This is a screenshot from my Exophase account to track achievement progress for hidden achievements.

I am about to start a 3rd playthrough and would appreciate if this could either be fixed or if I could have the achievement retroactively added to my account.


8 months ago

Any dev got an update on this issue?
With a new expansion coming next month I want to finish off my latest playthrough to complete all the achievements before plunging into something new.

8 months ago


The team has been notified, we think this issue should be fixed in the next update

7 months ago

I cant unlock achievements from create druid and barbarian as well.

Chris Murray
Kickstarter Backer
7 months ago

I am having the same problem unlocking The Crown of the Magister achievement playing on pc with a copy of the game on Steam. I got to the crown on my 2nd playthrough about 2 weeks ago.

I can confirm that the barbarian and druid achievements are working on Steam now. I had to roll new characters to get it despite a full PT on my barb. 

Wanderer doesn't retroactively unlock either, so it looks like I'm gonna need at least 1 more PT.