Cross Platform Play?

Level 2
3 weeks ago

I see in the FAQ that cross platform play is supposed to work, but we can't seem to get it to work at all.  Two of my party members are on XBox Gamepass version, the other two are using the GOG version of the game.  For all multiplayer games, the GOG people can't see the XBox people, but they can see each other.  Same deal with the XBox people.  They can see each other but not the GOG people.  All of our games are set to crossplay.

I've noticed on the XBox version, there are quite a few games listed when I do 'join'.   The GOG players don't see the same list at all when they do 'join'.

We've confirmed we are all using the same region.

Is this supposed to work? 


Level 9
2 weeks ago

I am in a regular multiplayer game where the host is using Windows and has all of the DLCs while one of the players is using an XBOX and has NO DLCs but he still has access to everything (the host has). I do not know, however, if using the Game Pass or GOG may be a factor; the host and I both use Steam (and Windows).