"Creed of Arun" feat is *incorrect*

Level 1
2 weeks ago

I reached lvl 4, and saw the description for "Creen of Arun" in-game as:

  • +1 Dexterity to a maximum of 20
  • You can fight using two weapons even if the one-handed melee weapons aren't light

This is incorrect. The wiki for the same feat lists "Creed of Arun" as:

I notice that many people are selecting "Creed of Arun" in-game, expecting the benefits for the feat "Ambidextrous". The description of this feat needs to be corrected.

1 week ago

I noticed this as well.  I couldn't figure out why there were two feats that did the same thing.  I thought maybe one of them was a bonus given upon character creation to a certain build.  Glad you figured it out.  Hopefully they will fix this soon!! 

Level 2
1 week ago (edited)

jeezus, I just took Creed of Arun instead of Ambidextrous because it fit the flavor of my group having a cleric of Arun...fix the bugs and add the QoL improvements everyone's asking for before leaving EA folks!

1 week ago

Same mistake. Took Arun for flavor not realizing it was a bug.

2 days ago

Same mistake here