Create a Battle Mode For My D&D Battle Campaings, (isn't hard to do it)

6 months ago

In other games this option is equivalent a "Battle mode" or "Local battle mode" . i just want to put monsters and the characters on the grid ( hills, florest, etc from vanilla game) and control every single move of the units in the battle or partially like a PvE mode

Isn't huge, just a sandbox mode to create my combats  for my D&D 5e campaing. 

Battle In D&D needs a lot of work, it has many rules, argh! it will save my campaings if you guys create a simple level editor/sandbox mode just for single battle simulation !

It Will be a wonderful for D&D players around the world !!! will automatize the battles !!!!! please devs do it !!!!

6 months ago

It Doesn't have anyone that created something like that !! you guys will be the first one to automatize battles in D&D 5e. Just do it! please!