Crashing on Character Create

3 weeks ago

I keep crashing on character creation in the Identity phase. I just bought the game on Steam and installed; this is on Windows 10. After crashing the first couple times, I reinstalled Steam and the game, and after still crashing, I dug around on here and found a recommendation to reinstall the C++ redistributables so did that as well. It still crashes when I get to Identity and start clicking around changing the character customizations. I ran perfmon while running a test and saw a spike up to 100% cpu at the time of the crash - it was around 50% beforehand. This happens on Character menu or New Adventure menu for creating a new character. The crash does not always happen right away but sometimes only after changing the options for a couple minutes. Any suggestions?

3 weeks ago

Try deleting the Solasta folder C:\Users\<your user name>\Appdata\LocalLow\Tactical Adventures\ 

That's the default path anyway. You can also type %APPDATA%\..\LocalLow in Windows search or File Explorer to browse there.

Then launch the game and it should re-create the folder.

9 hours ago

This didn't work, but I'm also experiencing crashing on many other games. Thank you.