CRASH - "Solasta - Unity 2019.4.19f1_ca5b14067cec"

1 year ago

The game crashes from times to times in random activities. only thing that appear is this red ! in a loading window which name is "Solasta - Unity 2019.4.19f1_ca5b14067cec". The window never actually loads and everything closes suddenly.

Any clues?


1 year ago


Usually, when the game crashes and specifically mentions Unity, it means that there is a conflict between your computer and Unity itself.

It can be due to drivers that are too old, or your version of Windows needs to be updated.

You can Verify the game file integrity from Steam to see if some files are corrupted, Steam will download them again. Otherwise, you can also update your drivers and Windows.

Let us know if those things helped! You can also send us an email if you still have issues:

1 year ago (edited)

Already verified the files on steam. I have windows 10 and the nvidea graphic driver is updated. 

Recommendeds settings by nvidea and It just keeps happening. 

Not sure if helps but here are my specifications:

Intel i7 4790 3.60Ghz 

Zotac GTX 980 AMP! 4Gb 

16 Gb Ram

I appreciate any help!

1 year ago

Did you ever get your issue resolved?