Crash during character creation (Jan update)

Level 9
2 years ago

Version 0.4.21 - Public

I had previously deleted all of my old characters and created 4 new ones.  I started an adventure and got as far as the first scripted surprise encounter on the road to Caer Lem.

Decided a wanted to tweak my party just a little bit so I saved that game and returned to the main menu.  Created one character successfully.

When creating the next one though, I got to the final appearance screen and the first thing I noticed is that the face and hair selections would change in the control (e.g. "Face 1" would change to "Face 2"), but it wouldn't reflect on the model.  The skin and hair colours did show up though.  I was able to enter a name, too.  However, when I clicked on the "listen to voice", it just hung to the point where Windows popped up a dialog asking if I wanted to continue waiting for the application or just quit.

So trying to play the voice did it in, but something was already wrong because the face/hair wouldn't update.

Also, might have been my imagination, but it seemed like on the background page, the personality choices didn't register immediately.  I thought I had to click on a couple twice, but that might have been my imagination.

Unfortunately, because this was during character generation, there isn't really a save game I can send you.  And since it crashed, the character I was working on never got saved either.  So... not a lot to go on.  Sorry.

Level 10
2 years ago

I'm not sure if this is the same issue, but I also experienced my party members suddenly have the same hairstyle. 

I created 4 new characters, and start a new campaign. 4 Paladin 2 female elf and half-elf, 2 male human and dwarf. Elf and halfelf had different hairstyles. But when I start the game I found the hairstyle of the 2 female paladins become the same.