Crash @ Character Generation/ Using Pre-Gen Characters

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1 year ago

I am not able to select a new character without the game crashing (is there a fix).  I can select pre-generated characters but as soon as I hit the first dungeon and select a barrel and searh it the game crashes. This happens every single time.  

I have reduced all graphic options but that is not helping.

Level 14
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1 year ago

( I am not support, but I suggest you specify Windows version or MacOS version ; Steam or GOG, CPU / GPU )

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1 year ago


If you played before with mods, you may have issues because your modded characters are still in the Character Folder of Solasta. If that is the case, you should delete all the modded characters from your folder and turn off the Steam Cloud for a little while, so the characters will not be added to your folders again.

If that did not fix the issue, you can Verify the integrity of the game files from Steam (in the Properties menu accessed by right clicking on the game), you may have some files that were not downloaded properly!

If that did not fix your issues, we'll try other things!