Crafting Says Spell is Required, Even though Character knows it

2 years ago

So, I have a human Insight Cleric with an Academic background. My cleric is trained in arcana, but not the potion kit (because, as an insight cleric, I wanted to be able to pick arcana and history as skills).

I have all the components to craft a healing potion, but when I highlight the "craft" option on the screen it is greyed out and the toolbox has a red "x" near the spells known, listing "cure wounds" as missing.

So, maybe it's something else, but its certainly not clear to me as a player what I'm doing wrong.

2 years ago

Just wanted to say this is happening for me too

2 years ago

This has been resolved in the latest patch.

Level 1
2 years ago

Nope, still broken for me

Level 9
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2 years ago

I've got the latest patch but I can't create a Cure Wounds scroll with my Insight Cleric.There is red "x" next to the "Cure Wounds" required spell option (even though I've got the spell) and there is also an "x" next to Arcana under the Compatible Proficiencies (even though I've got +3 Arcana).

Level 4
2 years ago (edited)

i'm having the same problem, cant create a cure wound potion, it says my cleric (insight) don't have the cure wound spell even though he has it.

2 years ago

I can confirm same issue.