Crafting Merchants/Characters

2 weeks ago

This idea came to me while playing my most recent playthrough.  I don't have anyone who can craft anything like a Battleax of Acuteness.  Now I'm stuck with a party with no ability to craft primed weapons and armor into awesome weapons and armor.  

So, in my last playthrough, I had someone who could craft a Doomblade or a Lightbringer Greatsword.  Having someone with those abilities is awesome and makes it so that you can get these better items.

In this current playthrough, I'm not stuck.  I have all the ingredients and things I need to make a Battleax of Acuteness, but I have no one who can craft it.  

Thus, I think it would be awesome if certain merchants had the ability to craft certain items for your characters for a price.  So if I bring them the ingredients they will craft my Battleax of Acuteness for me.  Even if I have to leave it with them and come back after my next adventure or something, that'd be really a nice feature to have in the game.  

So either Gorim, for example, could do this, or maybe you could create a new character, a Blacksmith, or something like that to make this a thing.  Then, if you don't have a person who can craft such items, you can always pay for it to be done.

The same would be true for all crafting fields.  In my last playthrough, no one could craft potions.  Maybe the Wizard merchant could do this for the party, and maybe the Scavenger Anne could craft poisons or whatever.  You know, just make it so that someone can do this for the party if they can't do it themselves.