Crafting materials available from stash chest

1 year ago


Is it possible to make that, when crafting, the craft system had access to the materials stored in your stash chest without having to have all those items in your backpack, so you can craft anywhere anytime. Just a thought.

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Level 5
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1 year ago

Good idea. When you have your stash chest open.

Level 9
1 year ago

This would be nice, it's a long run back to my stash chest just to craft a new weapon or armor after I found a new ingredient. Adding more major gates would be helpful too so we could teleport back and forth to turn-in adventure board quests.

Level 4
1 year ago

I think it makes sense when you are in town with your stash, but notsomuch when you are traveling outside of town.  Which probably negates your request.