Crafting Magic Items / Item List (Minor Spoilers)

Level 4
4 months ago (edited)

Completed the Winter Update, I was wondering if anyone can add to or fill in the the following (for posterity's sake):


X +1 = Attack Bonus +1, Damage Bonus +1

X of Acuteness = ???

Doomblade Greatsword = No bonuses. Remains 2 d 6 with the minor addition of Magical and Heavy tag added.

Doomblade Rapier = ???

Lightbringer Shortsword = When completed becomes Lightbringer Greatsword (which ties in with needed components of primed greatsword). Attack Bonus +1 and 1 d 8 radiant damage.

Medusa Bow = ???

Wand of X

Wardenblade = +1 to AC, Attack Bonus +1

Whiteburn = ???


Breastplate of Deflection = ???

Chainmail of Robustness = ???

Half Plate of Robustness = ??? 

Empres Garb Chain Shirt = ??? 

Gauntlets of Ogre Power = Your strength Score is 19 while you wear these gauntlets. It has no Effect on you if your strength score is 19 or higher.

Leather Armor of Flame Dancing = ??? 

Leather Armor of Survival = ??? 


Belt of Dwarvenkind = +2 CON, See normally in dim light and in natural darkness in dim light, can speak read and write dwarvish, 50% change to grow beard

Boots of Elvinkind = Advantage of DEX Stealth ability checks 

Bracers of Archery = While wearing these bracers you have proficiency with short and longbows, and you gain a +2 damage to range attacks made with such weapons

Broach of Shielding = Immune to Magic Missile spell, Resistance to Force: damage is halved

Headband of Intellect = Your intelligence Score is 19 while you wear this headband. It has no Effect on you if your intelligence score is 19 or higher. 

Pirap of Proof Against Poison = Immunity to Poison

Ring of Protection +1 = +1 to AC, +1 to all saving throws

Stone of Goodluck = +1 to all saving throughs, +1 to ability checks

There is a Girdle and Belt of some type of Giant Strength, can't remember what the write up was.

Level 9
4 months ago

I made the Doomblade Rapier.  The tags and stats are the same as for a regular Rapier.  Identify doesn't reveal anything special about it.

However... in combat it appears to do extra damage because I saw text about "Doomblade cut".  I could be wrong (because I didn't look that closely), but it appeared to apply extra damage whenever the target took damage.

So my rogue would hit with her rapier and apply the status.  Then when my fighter hit with his longsword, the target took damage from Doomblade cut along with the longsword damage.

It would be nice to have this documented in the weapon's description.  My first thought after crafting it was "WTF - it's just a normal rapier with a fancy name??  Why'd I bother?".  Hopefully this is just something missing from EA that'll get fixed in the final release.

4 months ago

I believe it is bleeding damage on the Doomblade rapier.

Level 7
4 months ago

This reminds me of old school D&D. You never knew what you had until you used it or otherwise learned its properties. the identify spell was unreliable, and part of the fun was watching players trying to figure out what it was they had. Of course we didn't waste all of our time at the table waiting for someone to figure out what they were going to do during a fight. Not having a lot of unnecessary choices during encounters made combat really quick. 

Sadly, too many people want instant gratification and aren't happy unless they get a new toy to play with at every level. So now we have 5E. D&D so dumbed down that a moron can play it.

Deleted user
4 months ago (edited)

This post has been deleted.

3 months ago

Acuteness is +1 to attack roll and +1 to damage

Jeff Taylor
3 months ago


Greatsword of Acuteness - +1 attack bonus +1 damage bonus


Magnificent Shield - +1 to AC

Remarkable Bolt - Bolt +1 (assume damage)

?? Arrow - +1 arrow

Gauntlers of Ogre Power - Your Strength score is 19 while you wear these.

Remarkable (may have been a different name) Javelin - +1 attack bonus +1 damage bonus 

Remarkable?? Dagger - +1 attack bonus +1 damage bonus 

Wand of lightning bolts - cast lightning bolt 7 charges

Wand of magic missle - cast Magic missle 7 charges 

mark tidd
Level 5
3 months ago

blood of solasta required for primed short sword were do you find this?

Level 4
1 month ago

Breatplate of sturdiness: +1 AC as shown stats.

Level 1
1 week ago

Half Plate of Sturdiness: +1 AC

Scale armor of frost walking: +1 ac (turns into scale armor of sturdiness when crafted)

Scale Armor of robustness: +2 AC 

Greataxe of Sharpness: +2 attack/damage, +1d10+2 lightning damage

Wardenblade: +1 attack, +1 AC, can cast Spirit Guardians

Frostburn Longsword: +1 attack, +1d8 cold damage

Whiteburn: +1d6 acid damage, +1 attack

Level 5
2 days ago

I'd like to say I appreciate this effort to unobscure some mechanics.
Also, I want to bring it to more recent discussions so, hopefully, I'll be able to find this thread easier next time I'm looking for it.

4 hours ago

I'm hoping that the game manual will be slightly more useful than other games and actually provide all of this information?  I really hate having to discover things through trial and error.