Crafting Issues

James Khoo
2 years ago

Doesn't anyone else find the weapon/armor crafting in Solasta problematic? 

Most notably the lack of and randomness of primed weapons/armor.

If you are going to make primed items hard to find, you should make the crafting gems work with multiple weapons. 

Right now, i got 3 primed scimitar and non of the crafting recipes work with them. 

On the other hand, there are so manty longsword only recipes and yet you cant even buy one. 

Stupid design. This should have been addressed during the early release. 

Level 6
2 years ago

Mostly agree here.

This is probably going to be an unpopular opinion, but I really don't like the random loot generation.

One argument is made for more replayability, but it's not like you have any control over whether the loot can be even used by your chosen characters. Perhaps there are some people that play the game and decide which weapons they are going to used based on the what random loot drops, but for my myself and my Ranger I wanted longswords; I bought the feat Ambidextrous specifically so I could wield two non-finesse weapons, and I couldn't find or get a Primed longsword like I wanted; and at level 7 I still didn't have one.

So I played the same 2 fights over and over again until I got what I wanted (there were two fairly short dungeons in the city at the time).

With fixed loot tables at least I can set my expectations; eg 'I'll have to wait until doing that dungeon to get that weapon' or 'That boss is a pain, but drops fantastic armour for my Fighter'. RNG works better for action RPG's where you are absolutely swamped in loot (Grim Dawn for example).

Being at the mercy of RNG for class critical weapons or armour is just not fun for me. I don't mind waiting until reaching a certain point in the game, just as long as I can actually get them! (also gives me something to look forward to rather than anxiously hope that RNG might favour me).

Level 13
2 years ago

I feel similarly and I posted in a separate thread under feedback.

After six runs through early access, and two post release, I always have an overabundance of scimitars, maces, and chain mail... which is fairly useless for my party composition.

Simple solution is to sell every primed weapon and crafting component at the vendors, but make the cost somewhat prohibitive, so you can only fill in a couple weapons or armor to complete your character concept.  

Chance is a supplemental way to find gear/components, while crafting is a certainty. Let's just make sure we can make a couple items we really need before we finish the game :)

2 years ago

I don't like how they set up the tool kits, if your not proficient in the rosary tool kit you spend the entire game not able to enchant weapons / armors. There is no mid game option or leveling option to get proficient on it unless you purchase magical weapons and armors in late game from a faction you become allied with.