Crafting bugs / inconsistencies

Level 14
2 years ago (edited)

Nialla (pregen character, Wizard/Shock Arcanist level 3) owns a scroll kit, has crafting bonus +6, when I open the crafing panel, there is no crafting recipe yet for the scroll kit. She doesn't know the spells Jump, nor Cure Wounds.

- She reads Crafting Scroll of Jump

=> I see the Crafting Scroll of Jump "recipe" with the ingredients (abyss moss x2, angry violet)

- she opens the crafting panel

=> I see the scroll kit and the crafting bonus +6, but I see the "Scroll of Mage Armor" recipe (nothing else). Curiously, the ingredients are the same: abyss moss x2, angry violet (and she has enough of them in her inventory), but it also shows "required spell: jump" with a red cross in front (not available?). The recipe is greyed-out, I suppose because of the missing spell?

- she reads Crafting Scroll of Cure Wounds

=> I see the recipe with the ingredients (blood daffodil, magnesium)

- she opens the crafting panel

=> I see the Scroll of Cure Wounds, with the correct ingredients, but also "Required spell: Cure Wounds", with a red cross in front. The recipe is greyed-out.

I select another character Phelan (not pregen, Cleric/Life level 3), he doesn't own a scroll kit, he has crafting bonus +1, he knows and has prepared the Cure Wounds spell, he doesn't know Jump.

- he opens the crafing panel (well, it was already open)

=> I see the Scroll of Mage Armor is greyed out.

=> I see the Scroll of Cure Wounds in colour, so available for crafting

- he starts crafting

=> the whole crafting panel is greyed out, it will take at least 8 more hours to complete this crafting operation

I select Nialla again

=> the crafting panel is not greyed out, in particular the scroll kit is still available (but the 2 recipes are greyed out because of the missing spell). This is strange because she owns the only scroll kit, and obviously Phelan is busy using it, so why is it still available to her?

So it seems that:

- the name of the scroll is sometimes changed, sometimes not

- (minor) the spell requirement is not shown in the recipe when one reads it

- once read by one character, the recipe is available to everyone in the party, but the character who does the crafting needs the ingredients in his/her inventory, yet he/she doesn't need to own the scroll kit, but must know the required spell. One scroll kit allows several character to craft at the same time, it seems (visually as explained above, not tested). It's not really consistent, either you share items in the party or not, either you share the knowledge or not

Level 5
2 years ago

I can confirm these inconsistencies:

Level 1
2 years ago

The other bug is that ingredients don't seem to be consumed when crafting

Level 5
2 years ago

The other bug is that ingredients don't seem to be consumed when crafting

Yeah happens to me as well

Level 13
2 years ago

I too am having an issue trying to craft potions with my now 3rd lvl Cleric:

Trying to craft Potion Cure Wounds;

She has a Herbalism Kit with a +3 Crafting Bonus.
Says I need 1 ea Magnesium, Angry Violet, Galivan Amaranth and I have 3/6/3
Has a red X next to HAS SPELL CURE WOUNDS.

She is a 2nd lvl Cleric. Cure Wounds, is a domain spell for her.(Arun/Sun)

Why will it not allow her to craft the potion?????

2 years ago

I also noticed that while my Battle Domain Cleric can cast magic missile and my Sun domain cleric can cast scorching ray, neither are able to use those spell scrolls even after crafting those scrolls.