Crafting and Training

1 year ago

I'd love it if the game offered a way to gain proficiency with a tool or skill after character generation. I mistakenly ended up with a party where I had multiple herbalists and nobody who could craft magical weapons. In pen & paper, there are rules for spending downtime to become proficient with a tool. I'd love to have that option. Failing that, being able to spend a feat to pick up the proficiency with the Manacalon Rosary and the Arcana skill would be wonderful (I was actually hoping Master Enchanter might give me that, but it did not). 

(I also own that I really have nobody to blame but myself -- I am trying a somewhat silly part of two paladins and two clerics, so I was bound to overlook something. On the other hand, we never, ever, ever lack for healing.)

Level 10
1 year ago

There is at least one respec mod over at Nexus that lets you do exactly that. Iirc once installed you are able to respec most creation choices when you take a long rest. 

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