Level 4
4 weeks ago (edited)

I've been looking for the stats on crafted armor & weapons for the early access.  I have not found anything online so far so I'm creating this thread for people to post the results of the crafted weapons and armor here.  I don't know how to post pictures and all of that stuff.  I'll be posting about the Doomblade Rapier in the bug forums because I don't see any stats on it or a description of what it does.  Going to test it on a Ranger now that I have one crafted.  

Doomblade Rapier - No change to stats at all and doesn't have a proc or anything else.  I'm guessing this one is bugged atm.

Mats Required

  1. (1) Primed Rapier
  2. (1) Doom Gem

Lightbringer Greatsword/Shortsword -  +1 to hit, 2d6 + 1d8 radiant damage

  1. (1) Primed Greatsword
  2. (1) Stardust

This one is confusing.  The recipe calls for a Primed Greatsword.  The recipe book was labeled as Lightbringer Greatsword but the item after learning it says "Short Sword". Mousing over the item in the crafting list shows it as "Lightbringer Greatsword".  Will post stat change if any after crafting is complete.

Edit:  I finished crafting the Lightbringer.  It does create a Greatsword, use of shortsword is a bug.I was only able to use this sword on one fight before the game became corrupted but as it stands right now it's a great weapon at lvl 6 for fighters and paladins alike.  Saw some crazy numbers fly up and with lvl 5 giving 2 attacks per turn I was able to kill enemies in one turn with my warrior alone.

Level 6
3 weeks ago

I've seen two kinds of prime greatsword but we can't choose the one we want to use for the craft (2d6 and no shield or 1d6+1d8 compatible with shield).

Level 2
2 weeks ago

Thanks Saltykrug! I thought I was really missing the boat after crafting the Doomblade Rapier. I couldn't figure out why it took two unique ingredients to make a regular rapier with a fancy name. Good to know it's a glitch.

I think there should be more of these "primed" weapons/armor available to find, as often you'll want to make the first one to fill the ingredient list. Perhaps in the full version there will be.

Funnily enough the one I'm crafting now is the Lightbringer Greatsword. Great minds think alike!

2 weeks ago

Wardenblade (longsword)

+1 attack, +1 AC

Requires Primed Longsword, Diamond of Elai

Level 6
1 week ago

I hope that Wardenblade is more than just a basic +1 sword.

1 week ago

I hope that Wardenblade is more than just a basic +1 sword.

It is also +1 to Armor Class

Level 2
1 week ago (edited)

I do have a Greatsword of Acuteness which, from the tooltip, appears to be a +1 sword. I've not seen any extra damage, to hit bonus or ongoing damage from it so not sure what else it is supposed to do, if anything

Level 1
6 days ago

Do we have any idea what slave stone does for primed weapons? 

Level 5
5 days ago

So far I've only seen it being used for a shirt, not for a weapon.

mark tidd
Level 3
5 days ago

need blood of solasta for primed short sword