Craft Items - New Idea

Level 1
2 weeks ago (edited)

Stay in the light everybody,

now i have tested the crafting system. My first guess about it was like "hm...another default crafting system". technical it works. I would like to say first that i do not want to hurt anybody of the developers or the softwae team. Solasta is great! So please take this as a combination of a suggestion and my experience as a dungeon master. Think about what do you want to achieve when offering a crafting system. Is it for the reason that every fantasy game must have a crafting system? Is it because ad&d allows it by the books? What aspect of the game do you want to improve? Actually the system allows to create basicly two groups of items (forgive me, but i have to make it simple). First of all the consumable items like healing postions, arrows and so on. This is fine and i have nothing to say to this. Fine! Second group are the really interisting items like armour or weapons or maybe rings (next post :) ). But why should i craft a Longsword +1? When i found this formula how to craft it, my party allready has items of this power. My warrior allready has an axe +1 and everybody has similar equipment. So why should i need it? Gold? Hm. Maybe...but only to get some gold it is to much work to implement a crafting system. My suggestion is - reverse the crafting process and put the real reason to craft an item into it. Every of my real life party members only crafts an item for one of two reasons:
- i want an item that underlines the style of his character (style over substance). That means he wants to create for example a sword that no one else can buy! That can be the appearance of the blade or magical properties.

- i want an item with better magical properties as the one i actually have.

So why not reverse the process and - important - combine it with a quest to get the materials!


- If you want to craft a sword, open up a menu where you can select the magical properties from a list, add it to your "weapon of choice".

- also you should have options to make this item "your weapon!". So lets add color, blade-style etc. (now this is why we craft items) !!!!

Yeah it's only a +1 dagger, but hey - look at this curved, silver blade..

- After selecting all this create a "loot list" to make it. This should depend on the selected magical properties. If the weapon is very powerfull - so what! Then you have to gather some really hard stuff first. You want a Sword +5? No problem. Gather Dragon blood, rare flowers and so on. You can gahter it as a side quest on the new mission board. Perhaps i have to admit that my party is not powerfull enough to gather the materials. This can happen. And it is realistic. Invest time, make a few sidequests and you should get at least one +3 blade before getting one during the main campaign.You can control the process with the amount of time to invest in your item, or the cost in gold or rare materials.

Otherwise, today i must say that there is no reason for me to craft a weapon or armor.