Cradle of fire BUG

Level 3
1 year ago

So, tried to take the key from the dead guy, and get his second cutscene, immediately followed by Urka's cutscene. I'm not in the middle of the fight with Urka, and the emporer is stuck in the room behind me, untouched.

Party lvl9
Half orc frenzy barb
Sylvan Elf Kindred Druid

Marsh halfling Rogue
Island Halfling Loremaster Wizard

It was a save game, no mods
Version 1.2.12 -Public

Double encounter?

Level 3
1 year ago (edited)

Defeated Urka, then went back and killed the emporer. Now the quest is stuck at "return to Urka". And the door to the minor gate is locked

Level 3
1 year ago

Loaded a save, managed to get the fights in the right order this time

1 year ago


We've had a few players reporting the same issue, but we could not reproduce it on our end.

Do you have a save file where the two fights are occurring at the same time?

If so, could you send it to us?

You can follow this link to find where the save files are, and where to send them:

Level 3
1 year ago

I'm sorry, I don't have a save, as I was using auto saves to get around the bug.
I should really increase it from the standard 5 autosaves.

1 month ago

This is still an issue. I have save games if helpful.

To cause this I successfully persuaded, opened the tapestry. went back the other way to rest, then came back to steal the key.

I had 2 chars in the door way. one at the coffin and 2 outside the room.

I fought the orcs first, after the door was closed on me and i was kicked out of the room. opened the doors then defeated the undead. stuck on go back to urka but can't click on that character.

I do have save games just before the fight luckily. increased autosave to 10. :)

4 weeks ago

I can confirm this is still an issue in version 1.4.32 public.

What happened for me:

1. In Necropolis, I persuaded the emperor.

2. After persuaded the emperor, I move 4 out of 5 party members in the gateway, maybe one or two member stands outside the room, and set up buffs, guardian of faith, etc. I want to fight in the narrow doorway so I position my party there, which I suspect might be the cause of the issue.

3. Then I use the last party member (flying) to interact with the coffin again to steal the key.

4. A cutscene shows, the emperor calls my party traitor. But immediately after the cutscene, another cutscene plays, Urka walked here and act like I already defeat the emperor. When the cutscene ends I'm in the battle with Urka outside the room.The door is closed.

5. After defeating Urka, I opened the door and enter the combat with the emperor.

6. After defeating the emperor, the quest description becomes "Return to Urka", but Urka is already dead in the battle. The Urka NPC back in the orc tribe is still there when I go back there, but he can't be interacted with.

7. The games stucks now, because there is no Urka to return to.

And because I'm playing on Iron Man mode, it is not possible for me to reload a save before these fights. Until the bug is fixed, it seems like I have to stop playing this game. This is actually my first time playing the campaign and I truly hope my playthrough won't be ruined by this game-breaking bug.

Let me send my save, I'll do it right now.

2 weeks ago

HI, any update on this? I've already sent an email containing all the information above and the save files, but so far I've not received any response so I'm not sure if the dev team knows this issue.

This issue is still preventing me from continuing on my playthrough. Please consider providing some solution so that I could AT LEAST COMPLETE ONE PLAYTRHOUGH.