Cracking good game

2 years ago

Just a quick bit of feedback.  I've loved this game since I played it back in EA, and I've finally gotten round to playing the full game now (still only gotten to the same place I got to in EA, but I'm forging ahead!).  I must say it's improved in a lot of small ways, but it's still the same excellent combat gameplay and well-presented story - with those charming little party confab puppet shows.  

The graphics quality has improved a lot. Things, including even the faces, are looking visually rich, more top dollar (and shiny, where appropriate). Though it has to be said, in terms of art design, the devs still seem determined not to have any beauty or handsomeness in the game - everyone's still a potatohead :)  For a fact, it's great to have all the potatoheaded options, these games have always needed plain and fugly options and never really delivered them; but it would be nice to have the occasional gorgeous minx or handsome, square-jawed hero to look at ...  

But in a way the potatoheads are part of the game's inimitable charm. You do you, Solasta, don't listen to the haters ;)

There have been lots of little QOL improvement too, although we could still do with having an option to switch the damn grid off.  I notice the stealth radiance has been toned down somewhat, which is nice, and the grid feels like it's been toned down a little, but it's still basically an eyesore, and should be switch-offable, or toned down to the point of faintness - or at least just have it be one line around the square instead of the seemingly gratuitous radiating-upwards double-line.  

But the gameplay - what can you say?  It's Solasta, it's a damn-near perfect computerized representation of D&D gaming, IMHO the best since Temple of Elemental Evil.  One might wish the game used a more complex, nerdy ruleset, like 3.5, but eh, there's Owlcat's Pathfinder games for that.  Sometimes simplicity is nice too - you get into a good flow state.

Oh, and the modding scene is amazing.  You made the best decision to set up the dungeon design thing, and modding seems to be doable enough that there are now tons of mods for the game on Nexus that do really cool things, as well as lots of mini-adventures available via Steam (which I prefer to use for the adventures, keeps things separate from the "real" mods from Nexus).  The game's going to have an extended life through modding, mark my words. It's such a beautiful representation of D&D that people are going to be making stuff for it for a long time to come.  And especially, if you get something going in the future similar to NWN's DM-led gameplay over the internet, the longevity and fame of the game is assured (though you might not even need to, modders seem to be already on the case with online DM-led gameplay! :) ).

Problems the game has - as above, plus also it's a bit too "linear" as the cliche goes.  But it's that kind of game, story-led, story-driven.  Moar sub-quests and little bits and bobs to find dotted around the world would scratch that itch sufficiently.  But the problems are relatively minor in the scheme of things.

2 years ago

And the best part is that there can be another crown-level campaign where they address these things! :)