Couple of bugs

Level 7
2 years ago

A couple of bugs I haven't seen reported elsewhere

1) Initiate scribing a spell.  Right click on a scroll and select 'scribe'.  All scrolls (and other items) are displayed greyed out, but they're not disabled, I can select another scroll and initiate scribing from that, or do whatever.  Now when switching between users all the scrolls and other items are displayed greyed out.

If I select 'scribe' and then click on the spell book and the spell is already present I get a warning and similarly the items remain in the greyed out state.

Need to close and re-open the character view to fix.

2) Drink potion of say hill giant strength, so I get strength 21.  Now drink potion of fire giant strength.  Strength stays as 21.  Probably should now be 25.