Couple bug reports and feedback

Level 1
2 years ago

Howdy, have poked my toe into the early access and looking to delve deeper. Have noticed couple of things, not sure if these have been reported yet but I am still going to throw them here.

1. Aristocrats do not gain intimidation proficiency. They only gain history and persuasion while the game tells you'd gain intimidation also. It only tags persuasion and history and I am able to (have to) pick intimidation as proficiency via some other skill proficiency gain.

2. Loss of interaction/mouse control. I think related to using in-game pause and going to inventory/menus. I am unable to interact with menus, move characters etc. Spamming pause and menu (esc) fixes it after few moments. Randomly happens, difficult to recreate. Could be linked to alt tabbing out of game.

3. Was once unable to scribe my new magic missile spell scroll into my book even though option appeared and such. Closing the game and opening it gain fixed.