Costume Slot

Level 14
1 year ago

I would like to see an equipment slot that only affects cosmetics and overrides your normal armor. For example, i could wear the Empress Garb Chain Shirt and get its stats, but look like I am wearing a Leather +1. Alternatively have "default" costumes for each class, akin to how Owlcat did with their Pathfinder games.

I want this because endgame equipment is fairly uniform across playthroughs and some more variety in character looks would be appreciated. It would also help with the clipping issues of a lot of armors, letting us use armor that doesn't clip as much. 

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Level 6
1 year ago

Agreed.  Costume & armour appearance needs to be looked at in future patches, DLC's or mods.

At the moment everything is fairly generic,  I have complained about how baggy the trousers are on the new Barbarian outfit get up - honestly, no self-respecting barbarian even a half-orc is goingt o be seen dead wearing those!

We could do with the ability to alter a character's armour or clothing apperance, so we can develop personal traits - eg big buffalo horns on the Barbarian's helmet, perhaps a heraldic shield or banner for Paladins etc.  Hopefully it should not be too diffiult to allow the ability to alter the apperance and colours of a character's clothing, helm and armour.