Cosmetic suggestions after I did twice the Winter EA

Level 6
1 month ago

There are many good things in the game, but few "cosmetic" things are bothering me.

During cut scenes, characters are almost always in straight line, it would be much better if their relative positions were more natural.

Currently artwork is quite good (weapons/armors, spells, terrains, lighting!), but to be frank, character's heads could be better.

Some dialogs sound very childish, or just unnatural.
For example, "We are not here for runes, we are here for Soraks" -> I feel it would be better if one of the characters was just reminding the team about their mission: "Those runes are very intriguing but Soraks may still be around, let's focus on our mission", dunno.
Overall, some dialogs are just weird to me (another example, when they meet Dalat, he just ends the conversation with "I go to rest", it looks out of place, or at least it should be more polite, especially in this context.
Also one NPC in Council talks about "my party", I'd rather use something like "squad", "party" is more what a player would say.

When resting, the screen displays always the same (nice) image, I feel it would be much better if image was linked to where characters are (at least, the kind of environment). Also, short and long rest images should be (slightly) different.

Sounds are great, mostly, but I wish more ambient sounds (like wind/air, noise of burning torchs, footstep or water echoes in tunnels, town's noise when in town), and a creak before opening some containers (and also a specific noise when opening a locked container).

Highlighted objects could be a bit less visible (at the moment the whole object turns plain yellowish, perhaps just highlight contour or crank up transparency). Also when highlighting open doors, closed ones are shown, it seems off.

During random encounters, it would be great if there were hidden loot sometimes in mini-terrains. Also, when it happens during a long rest, when characters are surprised, display them as sleeping or sitting around the fire (for the surprise round).

When traveling, the travel log tells what characters do "X sings a song about ..." "Y finds [ingredients]" "X & Y play dices", that's great, but it would be amazing if an image was displayed to illustrate the scene.

When multiple characters are moving, especially when they climb, they are often superposed. That looks quite unnatural.

In town, well, it feels empty, streets are too wide and clean, merchants too silent, tavern should be noisier.

To conclude I have the feeling the game would benefit from a bit more of naturalness.

And don't get me wrong, I know the team is small, and resources limited, but I guess few of those suggestions may not be that time-hungry, and it is more about giving my overall feeling after some time spent playing this (great) EA.