Corrupted Saves, can't play saved my games or save my games.

1 year ago (edited)

My saved games are all corrupted. I can't copy and paste them here like suggested because there is an issue with a picture not being able to be uploaded. Also I can't play the game as I can't save my game at all.

Level 14
1 year ago

Are you saved games from the Early Access version? I suspect it's the case, they have said many times those files wouldn't be compatible.

1 year ago

There is a limit of 50 saves plus auto saves. So, if you cannot manually save you may have too many. Delete at least one of your manual saves to make room and then test to see if you can save.

If that works, I would go ahead and delete the rest of the ones you cannot load since they are likely incompatible as Redglyph said.

To delete a save, click Load Game and mouse over the saves. You should see a little trash can above and to the right of the save name. Click it to delete.

If freeing up room for saves does not let you save, then you may have a corrupt install. Verify your game files. Instructions can be found in this thread:

Lastly, if you have mods make sure they are all updated and/or try disabling them.

Level 3
1 year ago

Are you having this problem in the main campaign or in a user created dungeon through the Dungeon Maker?  I had a "corrupted save" problem while playing a user dungeon when trying to load a save before clicking the "Dungeon Maker" button.  Not sure why this happens, but there must be a difference in the save file formats.