Corrupted save files in multiplayer & lost valley

1 year ago

hey folks, this morning my wife and I were playing lost valley and she, as host, attempted to save and it acted weird and the save button was flashing enabled/disabled, and when she did catch it it would ask "do you want to overwrite the file c:\..." which it never did before. We quit then chalking it up to having spent too much time on the comp (maybe it needed a reboot).

However, a few hours later when she logged in to host another session all her save games result in the error:

Room Creation Error
Room could not be created: Code 32762

Sometimes, when she tries to load a game it takes her to "create new adventure".

Version is: 1.3.82b PUBLIC.


Level 10
1 year ago

How much disk space is free on the drive Solasta was intending to save the file on? If it is the C: drive and free space is low (< 16GB or twice your allocated virtual memory) then you are likely to have more problems than not just being able to save a game. . .

Also, Solasta has a weird limit of 50 save games so I recommend deleting unused saved games.