Corrupt save files

1 year ago

Whenever I play one of the added campaigns after I exit the game the save file corrupts is there any fix for this I've already uninstalled and reinstalled 

1 year ago


I saw you also posted a message on Discord, is it the same issue?

We are aware of an issue with long loading times for Custom Dungeons on some versions of the game (notably, when playing on the Game Pass). These long loading times make it look like your save files for a Custom Dungeon are corrupted, but you can actually use them, here's how:

1. Make sure you still have the Custom Dungeon (you can find it in the Dungeon Maker menu).
2. Start a new game using said dungeon
3. Wait for a few seconds once the new game has started, open the "Load Game" menu
4. Load the save file you wanted to use.

Alternatively, some players report that letting the game run for a minute or so before opening the Load Game menu allows them to use the save files made in a Custom Dungeon.

Hope that helps! If not, we will investigate further

1 year ago

okay cool I'll try this out and see and yeah I'm the same bloke from the discord

1 year ago

also just saying I cannot load my old save from the main story that I have aswell