Copy save game to new computer

2 years ago

Since Solasta does not support Steam Cloud is there a way to copy the save game data to another machine? I am going out of town and can not bring my gaming machine with me.

Level 4
2 years ago (edited)

This post has been deleted.

Level 10
2 years ago

I did this - the location of your save files is in the bug report forum or just here

 Your save folder is located there: %AppData%/../LocalLow/Tactical Adventures/Solasta/Save Files/

2 months ago (edited)

My brother often didn't want to go out of town with us because of his Solasta game. I was starting to get mad at him for it. When he calmly packed up and came with us one day, I thought he was finally done playing. But it turned out to be more mundane. The game hacking community told him how to copy the game's saved data to another computer. My brother was also looking for a way on the web and came across people from this community. Now I think how well they know the games that they can not only hack them but also help to save them.

2 months ago

If a game supports steam cloud (or another cloud service like rockstar's social club) then there is no need for any file moving

If the game has no cloud support then you can find the save file inside the game's files and copy that to a USB or something, most games that do not support steam cloud are older games, therefore their save files are usually no bigger than a megabyte