Coparann Prison bugs

Level 10
2 years ago (edited)

Several bugs in Coparann Prison:

  • The books you can loot from the chest in the Northern room: The Early Days of Coparann is full of grammatical errors and the last sentence on page 4 is not continued on page 5. The other book just contains placeholder graphics.
  • On the other side of the Baron's prison cell wall, there is a rock you can highlight by pressing Alt, but you cannot do anything with it.
  • After you have freed the Baron and he left the prison, he is still shown sitting in the cell. Also, his cell door is marked as "locked" on the map even after you have unlocked it.
  • In several different playthroughs, Nikannen never manages to roll an attack above 6. This is more than just bad luck, he never hits anything despite his +7 bonus. This happened with three different parties.

A hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is.

Level 13
2 years ago

The third thing you're describing is, I think, not a bug. This stone contains the configuration you need for the puzzle to open one of the locked doors (with a chest inside).