Contest with $125 in prizes: Crown of the Dungeon Player

Level 5
3 weeks ago (edited)

I'm happy to announce the latest community run Solasta contest: Crown of the Dungeon Player. We have $125 in total prizes to award across several prize categories. 

By playing through the user campaign Bring Em Back, you can enter to win! 

We’re celebrating the great Solasta workshop contributions and many hours of additional gameplay. Contest details here:

(Note this contest is not affiliated with Tactical Adventures.)

Level 11
3 weeks ago

I was one of the people that did some play testing on this map (@Lyraele Discord), and despite having the worst recorded time and high score of any of the playesters, heartily endorse playing this campaign and entering. It is a blast! If you want a better score and/or better time, I recommend playing it once to learn the map then re-playing once you have a better idea what to focus on. It’s a fun map!

Level 5
2 weeks ago

Thanks to all who have submitted their entries thus far. Still taking submissions until October 17th, 2021!

Level 5
2 days ago
1 day until the submission deadline!

Please submit your entries (via the form on the medium post) by October 17th 12:00 PM (noon) Pacific time.

Level 5
1 day ago (edited)

Contest winners for Solasta Crown of the Dungeon Player!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Solasta Crown of the Dungeon Player community run contest! Keep your eye out for our next community run contests in November 2021.

Highest score: EreghortheEnigmatic

Fastest speed run: Lyraele


I’ll be reaching out to connect on Steam and award gift prizes.

Full list of winners here: