Considering getting this game, how does it compare to others?

4 months ago (edited)

Curious if anyone can help me out here:

I love DND, this game looks pretty great, but I've already got BG3 and that scratches the itch pretty well. What does this game have that BG3 doesn't, or what does it do better than BG3? Are they even comparable?

Basically just want to know what the claims to fame here are an why I should get it since I already have a bunch of crpgs I'm playing ATM..

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4 months ago (edited)

They aren't really comparable, for a few reasons.

1. BG3 is story focused, while Solasta is primarily a linear dungeon crawler.

2. BG3 has a lot of homebrew mechanics, while Solasta tries to stay true to the ruleset as much as possible.

2.1 Solasta mostly uses homebrewed subclasses that mostly feel like they could be 5e, while BG3 uses official subclasses that often feel homebrewed due to BG3 mechanics.

3. Solasta was made with a smaller team and less funding, so it isn't that big and likely nowhere as big as BG3 will be at release.

4. Solasta has a Dungeon Maker and there are already a number of user-made dungeons to crawl available through Steam Workshop and the like.

5. Solasta currently has Fighter, Cleric, Wizard, Rogue, Ranger, Paladin & Sorcerer. BG3 currently has Fighter, Cleric, Wizard, Rogue, Ranger, Druid and Warlock.

Those are the big ones off the top of my head anyway. If you like 5e dungeon crawling and combat mechanics, you'll probably enjoy Solasta. 

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