Conjure Minor Elementals - it's almost unfair

Level 1
1 year ago

I never tried it in my previous runs until a scroll dropped in my current and I scribed it.

Four wind sneks. They fly, they have pretty solid AC, they have resistances, and most importantly they reliably occupy multiple enemies without the threat of friendly fire. If an enemy is swinging at something other than my party, the enemy is controlled. Any damage they do is icing on the cake. And when I don't need them anymore they just vanish instead of aggroing on the party like the Greater Elemental.

I guess I was missing out. Aside from Magic Missile (come on! Who doesn't love Magic Missile!) I think this will be my new favorite spell.

Level 14
1 year ago

Conjure Animal is similar if you use the Dire Wolf option. Robust enough to live a round or two, can knock enemies prone and any damage they do is just a nice bonus. Too bad we can't do the "summon 8 wolves with Pack Tactics" strategy from tabletop. 

The moral of summoning spells is that putting more bodies on the board and in the action economy tend to be very powerful. 

Typos happen. More so on the phone.

Level 2
1 year ago

I will say this though: they're a safe option, but they're also a time consuming option.

For a particular fight against an epic enemy in the Shield area, I used my 3 wizards to all summon 4 little buggers, two sets of flying elementals and a group of conjured spiders.  I also summoned a holy mace with my cleric for good measure.  13 extra units makes a giant mess.  We didn't get hurt much, but it took so long as enemies tried to disengage and got chased in every direction by the little guys, and the boss kept regenerating health as he damaged them and teleported further and further away.

I probably could've finished the fight in a quarter of the time it took if I'd simply blurred and fireballed.