Confusion with wrong proficiency/equipment in character creation

1 year ago (edited)

Hi Guys!

I just started playing the game and when making a Dwarven Fighter I noticed in the equipment choice the selection between the armor and the character apparently having a longbow got mixed up somehow and also messed things up a bit..?
But I doubt this is intentional:

Dwarven Fighter... with a longbow?

To my knowledge, neither a dwarf nor a fighter are proficient with longbows, so that shouldn't even be there? I don't know.
But now you know it's there, so should that be incorrect it can be fixed :)


Level 14
1 year ago

A fighter is proficient with simple and martial weapons:

Martial weapons include ranged martial weapons, which includes longbows:

Earlier versions of D&D had much higher restrictions on weapon proficiencies. 5e makes it easier to use what you want. This also includes skills - anyone can roll for basically any skill, you just may be crap at it without good stat bonuses and proficiency.