Completed EA - Feedback & Suggestions (and a few bugs)

Level 4
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6 months ago (edited)

Positive notes

- I love the 5e implementation you guys have, the closer to the SRD the better in my opinion.  There are a few things not implemented yet but that's Early Access.  It really feels like a great way to play 5e.  I love that reactions/optional abilities are a popup and that it keeps all these abilities just as powerful as in tabletop.

- The light/darkvision change is a good one, I like the additional depth it adds.  It will be better once you guys introduce a few more ways to light up places like I've heard/read that you're already working on (throwing torches etc.)

- Saving being so fast is a pleasant surprise, I almost always double check the log to make sure it worked because it doesn't have a noticeable effect on the game when saving.

- The quick travel options on the area map is great, along with the art-style of the area maps 

- Character creation is great, rolling for stats is fun, choosing equipment like you can from the books is real nice.  The homebrew subclasses all seem relatively interesting, going to try a new batch in a second run of EA probably soon.

- Background/personality system with fully voiced character seems to work fairly well, hopefully with other runs there's good variance as well.

- The 24h clock is a nice touch, makes rituals, short rests etc. all feel like they're not just a simple click done, plus having available light based on time of day is nice.

- The overland map travel/random encounters is a nice touch though it still needs some tweaks.

- The dice rolls are awesome!  Love them.

- Targeting abilities from initiative icons is great!

- The bestiary slowly filling up with enemy details is nice


I already made a few threads for feedback/bugs from my first few play sessions.  I mostly tried not to duplicate feedback from those threads here, so here are links to my other suggestions and bugs I found:

I've numbered my points below for an easy way to discuss things if anyone wants to.


1) As a D&D 5e player with 5 years of experience the game was fairly easy to get through.  I tried to limit myself to not start with above a 17 in any stat on my custom party and still found it to be not too hard.  Hardest fight was the Sorak's before the crown but I actually fought them at level 2.  The Ashka fight would likely have been hard if it didn't bug out and let me get a surprise round even after talking.  Plus the light cantrip worked like Sunlight and hurt them/made their AI pretty much avoid me the entire time while I just picked them off.

2) My party was a Law Cleric, Spellblade, Shadowcaster, and Green Mage.  All were quite useful in their own way.  I think having 3 classes able to cast 'Shield' (all but the fighter) made me not get hit too often.  My Cleric having 18 AC at the start with being able to go up to 23 was really strong, it's going to be hard not to choose a Law Cleric in the full game.

3) It feels like you can abuse surprise maybe a bit too easily, a majority of the non-random encounter battles I got surprise on the enemy which make the fights a lot easier.  There also isn't much penalty for having heavy/medium armor and bad stealth on my characters because of the sight cones being quite small.

4) Another comment on surprise rounds, it's a bit inconsistent that an attack will surprise enemies but an environment effect will not.  I found myself doing a regular bow shot first to surprise then using the environment to get the best of both worlds.

5) I'm a fairly conservative with my resources as a player so I found the long rest sites to be plentiful but not necessarily too many.


6) There seems to be a lot of scrolls (I didn't really use them but had 33 various scrolls before the final battle at the end of EA).

7) Potions are probably in a better place for amount you get, if I had a party with less maximized AC and 'Shield' spells I might have needed to use some of the healing poitions (think I only used about 1-2).

8) There's also potentially a bug where I found the same treasure (magic missile wand + some other decent things) in the Dark Keep multiple times.

9) The game needs Splint mail as intermediate heavy armor to be purchased/found somewhere.  Please add it so it's available in the early levels (2-4).  There also seems to be more magic Light/Medium armors than heavy armor which kind of screws over heavy armor based characters a bit in comparison.

10) We should also be able to buy javelins right at the start.  I see there are spears/handaxes, but javelins are the best STR based throwing weapons and I can see they are in game, so please let us buy them!

11) Inventory management is a bit tedious in some ways, though I know the scavengers aren't implemented yet so maybe it won't be worth it to grab as much stuff as I was during EA.  There are also a few inventory bugs when you go over the 25 limit which I believe I've already posted about (e.g. you can pick up and move items in the slots above 25 even when they are not visible on the UI).  I also had some issue with food disappearing from my inventory when I went to stack them, one stack of 3 rations was in the 25th inventory slot and another stack of 3 rations was in the 26th inventory slot, they both somehow ended up disappearing after trying to stack them then moving items around.  I'm fairly certain I didn't move them to another person either.

12) You should allow switching of characters in the inventory screen using F1-F4 or something.  Not sure how that would work if you're currently dragging/dropping an item, ideally you could use it as another way to move items between characters.

13) Needing to Pool money to buy things seems a bit silly in a Singleplayer game, maybe for a Multiplayer game it would make more sense.

14) Crafting system seems neat, I likely won't be using it much myself other than for weapons/armor.  Hopefully some unique items can be made!

15) Vendors get a bit crowded with items that you sell them.  Perhaps a buy-back tab/section is needed for all that stuff to show up in instead?  I'll very rarely want to buy stuff back.  Sorting options would also be nice (Value, Type, A-Z, etc.).  Also a typeable filter would be awesome if you can make it (e.g box where I can start typing 'Jav' and then it auto-updates the list to show 'Javelins' if the vendor has them.

16) Needing to identify items is nice, though it can be a bit tedious.  Maybe have a identify all option or something that will tell us how much time will pass.  Popping up a message with 'Identify 10 items?  1 hour 40 mins will pass' or something would be awesome.

17) Let my shield be shared between weapon sets, it's a bit silly to have to have multiple shields for different 1 handed weapon sets.

18) Some sort of town stash for inventory would also be nice.  Even just a simple chest for starters.

Overland Travel

19) More of a question/comment but is food supposed to affect Fatigue?  I failed having enough food to get to Dark Tower even though I bought all that was available.  If it only affects whether you get a long rest and get spell slots healing I suppose that is punishing enough.

20) A better way to supply food for your party for adventure to the Dark Tower would be ideal.  The 10 limit on purchasable rations from town was likely not high enough.  I went back to Caer Lem hoping to supply from the Scavengers or something but they weren't there yet.  There were no other places to stop to try to buy more food or anything.  I have a Cleric, Fighter, Rogue, Mage so maybe Rangers are more necessary?  I had a decent survival skills (+6 on my Green Mage, +4, +1, +1 on the others).  After level 5 you can just cast create food provided you have a cleric/learn the spell.  Though if you make a party without that spell you might get screwed.

21) I believe this has already been suggested but we need more control while traveling to different places.  Being able to change pace, being able to change destination etc.

22) Increasing random encounter maps and map variance would be good.  Even having more variance/randomizing where you camp/start and where enemies spawn would be a good start.

Combat/Combat log/Combat UI

23) If this is not already in, allow space to skip a reaction.  Or you could expand on this allow them to be bound to keyboard keys for each choice (could just do 1/2 on the keyboard by default).

24) Combat log verbosity should be increased make it an option if necessary to have different levels of detail.  I'd like to see every detail possible on the dice rolls, each individual damage die, the dropped roll on Advantage/Disadvantage, everything!  Information like resistance to damage should really be displayed somewhere notable as well.

25) Ability use numbers for some abilities should be displayed during popups/easier to find in general.  This is already done nicely for spell slots, but as an example I couldn't find information on how many Green Mage level 6 Restraining arrows I had total/left when the popup showed up.

26) I already suggested this in an earlier thread, but Sneak attack should be a toggle somewhere in case you want to save it for a separate attack on another creature.  There were a few times this would have been useful while playing.  This also future proofs it if you put in Multiclassing :).

27) This might just be a bug but please show dice rolls for 'summoned' things like 'Spritual Weapon'.  It currently just shows in the combat log but no dice roll :(.

28) With Spiritual weapon I feel like I should be able to move it and then attack but maybe there's some engine limitations with that.  Same thing with Flaming Sphere but maybe that's less in tune with RAW 5e.

29) In the Ashka fight I had monsters climbing walls/ceiling under where you come in.  It was quite hard to target them on the map.  I did notice at least some abilities could target the enemy from their initiative token, but being able to target through terrain might need some work in cases like this.  You might need a see through terrain option for enemies like is done for the party but it definitely seems like a hard problem to sort out.


30) Most of the feats don't feel that powerful, maybe some of the WoTC 5e PHB feats are a bit too powerful in some ways but I was hoping for some that were closer to the power level of those

31) With rolling for stats I feel like half feats (ones with +1 to an ability score) are usually less useful but maybe that's just me

32) Adding in some popular homebrew character creation variants would also be nice (eg. allow for a feat at level 1, allow for both an ASI and a feat at the usual levels) .

33) Hopefully more feats are added during EA!


34) The story is interesting to me so far.  I'm curious to see how it unfolds, and the background lore seems pretty good.  I did like how my Dwarf character who took the crown started to be a bit more selfish with it right when he got it.

35) Factions seem interesting.  The best rewards/magic items do seem to be behind the most 'shady' or seemingly potentially evil choice, but maybe that's by design.  With how I play only the Arcaneum and Antiquarians seem to have faction based rewards (magic items) I care about so far.

36) Church of Einar seems to be missing from the main Faction UI or if it's part of another faction it should be indicated in some way.

37) I'm hoping there is more side-quests etc. that you can get from these factions and that your relation with them and their influence has some impact further in the game.

General Suggestions

39) I feel the loading screen being finished is a bit too subtle.  I sometimes think it's still loading only to notice a few seconds later it's already done.  I do think having to click to continue is a good thing to have since enemies/game time would progress without you interacting otherwise but it would be nice to have it be more noticeable.  I would recommend a sound but I'm often alt-tabbed so sounds won't play anyways.

40) Add some kind of save profile for different adventuring parties, maybe have a customizable party name after character creation that saves can all fall under.  BG3 does this with a Profile, Pathfinder Kingmaker just did this by grouping everything under a group name, either would work well here too.  I also noticed that loading all the save files was a bit slow once you got to over 10-15 so this will help a bit with that.  Also if it's not too taxing on the save system, can we have a screenshot of where the save is rather than just the image for the area we're in?  Some areas are quite large, so it's nice to be able to see where are characters are at when loading saves.

41) Add in Multiclassing!  It will exponentially increase party variation and replay value!  And video games (especially single player ones) are a great place to try to break the 5e D&D system.  If you're worried about balance for your game in particular you could have it unlock after beating the game or something (I wouldn't do this personally but it's an option).


42) Can loot a boxes through certain walls.  

Some examples: 

    - In Talibut the Grey's house without going into the house (can open it through the outside wall).  

    - Some places in the Dark Keep (Courtyard, inside the keep)  I'm sure there are more.

43) I could change character equipment while paralyzed.  I would consider "Use an Object Action" to be part of the restricted actions from the incapacitated condition (incapacitated is part the paralyzed condition).  I used this to switch from a 2 handed weapon to a shield just to see if I could.

44) A regular skeleton did Thunder damage (at least in the combat log) when attacking with a Scimitar in 'The Dark Castle' courtyard.

45) Got stuck in "A Battle Starts" likely due to trying to do too much while hidden and paused.  Order of operations that seemed to cause this:

    - Be hiding from enemies

    - Pause the Game

    - Cast hunter's mark

    - Click attack

    - Click to move (attempting to cancel attack)

    - Unpause

46) The conversation with Ashka triggered while my party was hidden, I did the whole conversation and she became hostile, but then was still hidden afterwards.  I could get a surprise round on her this way.

47) Any source of light seems to hurt Ashka and her minions, not sure if this is intended but the light cantrip made the fight fairly easy.  It could have been really tough otherwise since I managed to be in the castle at night time.

48) The game stalls when doing what I assume is was 1 damage (0 after resistance) with an offhand attack against a Wight .  It does not show any damage information in the combat log so I could not confirm but the Wight took no damage and the game stalls for 5+ seconds.  I've had this happen more than once.

49) Could not purchase many items from Gorim in town when I went back at level 5 with over 6000 gold.  I was planning to buy the Plate that should be available but could not.  I could repurchase anything I had sold to Gorim though.  It could be that individual items did not indicate they are out of stock or something?

50) Dropping a chandelier on enemies should start combat even if my characters are hidden.  I was able to drop 2 chandeliers in a row (with a few unpaused seconds between each one) on enemies before they spotted me.

51) Ring of protection did not work after attuning

52) Magic missile wand never seems to recharge

53) Could not attune to the Wand of Lightning bolts - Though level 5 does seem a bit early to get this item anyways.

Level 4
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6 months ago (edited)

More potential bugs from my second run:

54) Arcane recovery should allow for a choice of what spell slots to get back.  For example a 4th level wizard should be able to choose to recover 2 first level spell slots or 1 second level spell slot.

55) Used acid splash on two ghouls and they had different dex save bonuses (one had +2, one had +7) no indication why.  I can't tell if it it was intended or not

56) Might want to look at Dark Apprentice AI, it cast sleep on my full health party (everyone above 30hp) and put Lizzaria to sleep instead of any of my characters.

57) Lizzaria fight has Zombie's in cages that just skip their own turn, should these doors open automatically?  Maybe I killed Lizzaria too quickly?  She didn't get a turn.

58) Sleep made my elven character go prone when she had had less HP than the roll - instead it should just not affect her at all.  This was cast by a Dark Apprentice.

59) While leveling up, I was able to try to loot a container (cursor switched even though the level up UI was showing) and my characters moved over there.  I believe this could only happen when you have a combobox open (e.g. picking ability score vs feat at level 4), when the combobox dropdown is opened it seems to allow you to click past the level up UI onto items in the game world that you can't actually see.

60) Lizzaria's conversation trigger somehow got bugged and didn't actually trigger until I fought the Ghouls that were past her in the next part of the keep.  The game then brought me back down to where she was to do the conversation.  I didn't enter her room from the northernmost door and didn't sneak to start the zombie/dark apprentice fight that usually triggers the conversation, not sure if that matters.

61) Spritual weapon attack log rolls seem off, I have seen a few times where the combat log states 'rolls 10 (CRITICAL HIT)' or 'rolls 6 (CRITICAL HIT)'.  It seems to be doing normal damage in these cases so this is likely just a log text bug.

62) Sylvan archer didn't ignore half cover against a Dark Apprentice behind a railing in the Lizzaria fight.  My character was also behind 3/4 cover if that helps narrow down why it's happening.  It usually works, it just didn't this time for some reason.

63) Vampiric touch doesn't seem to have an attack roll when the Dark Apprentice uses it.  It seems to always hit (at least it has so far against me, not attack roll is displayed).  It should still require a melee spell attack roll.

64) Some terrain objects take up more height than they look like they should (e.g. cannot fly a spiritual weapon over the central body pile in the Lizzaria fight).  

65) Belt of Hill Giant Strength is for some reason making my 20 STR character have 24 STR, it should only set it to 21

66) Javelins seem to multiply when picking them up off of corpses you threw them at.  I often killed an enemy with a single javelin and then after battle would loot 3-5 javelins from them (on enemies that would not have their own javelins like wolves).

Level 4
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6 months ago

After 0.3.3 Update - Finished second run

67) Ashka could be targeted by magic missile in the middle of darkness.  From Magic missile's description you need to be able to see the target so this should not be possible.

68) Ashka seemed to be resisting (halving) damage from +1 magical arrows, not sure if this is correct.  Most resistance in 5e can be overcome with a magical weapon/arrow.

69) My Ranger's 'Dark Slayer' ability didn't work on Ashka

70) Shield +1 seems to be acting like a Shield +2 now (gives 4 AC bonus total instead of expected 3)

71) Prepared spells change automatically to ones I didn't have selected on level up, please remove this.  It's annoying to have to redo everything.

72) My characters seem to move through some of the maze doors when they're closing after stepping off the markers, can't tell if this is because there is another valid path and it's being nice or it's a bug.

73) I was hit by Ray of Forst and 'Hindered' (move -2) ended at the beginning of my turn so it had no effect.  This is maybe because the enemy that used it was dead.

74) The DC on my lightning bolt wand is only 5, seems wrong but maybe that's why we get it kind of early for how powerful it can be?  The SRD Wand of Lightning Bolts is 15 DC so maybe just a typo.

75) Should the Shock Arcanist 'Arcane warfare' feature apply to scrolls and/or wands?  It currently doesn't.

76) Scroll of Fireball only has DC 7, a 3rd level spell scroll should have DC 15.

Level 9
6 months ago

Inventory management is a bit tedious in some ways, though I know the scavengers aren't implemented yet so maybe it won't be worth it to grab as much stuff as I was during EA.

Agree. In particular when you have a lot of scrolls and osme of it has the same spell but you can't stack it like potions ore gems.

If it's technically possible I would like to propose to allow stacking scroll with the same spells.It will make inventory navigation easy. Also taking into account IWD series expirience stackable weapons and other equipment would be nice to have.

Last but not least - it would be great to get special inventory containers to keep certain items types: potions bag, scrolls bag, gems bag and maybe dimensional bag to keep limited amount of different type items.

6 months ago

It needs screen edge camera scrolling.

Level 7
6 months ago (edited)

Its got screen edge camera scrolling. Check your settings.

I use it all the time. 

Level 10
6 months ago

Same here. I couldn't play as well without it.


6 months ago

Thanks, I'll check it when I get home from work.

4 months ago (edited)

65) Belt of Hill Giant Strength is for some reason making my 20 STR character have 24 STR, it should only set it to 21

I figured this out. I'm going to tacitly guess that your 20 Str character started with a 17 Str and you used ASI's to get it to 20?

The game sets the stat based on the item, and then applies the ASI's you've assigned to the stat as a sort of "bonus."

I ran into this with the Gauntlets of Ogre Power.

Apparently there is some disagreement in the 5e community about how exactly those items work and from what I've read, the rulings haven't been crystal clear.

Truthfully I think I'm actually OK with that particular weirdness, because it makes those items dramatically more useful. As it is, the character most likely to want those items will see the least benefit from them.