Compiling a Complete list of Solasta Archetypes

Level 4
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1 year ago

 Fighter: Champion, Mountaineer,  Spellblade

 Cleric: Life, Battle,  ?, ?

 Rogue: Thief,  Darkweaver, ?

 Wizard: Evoker,  Arcane Shocker,  ?

 Paladin: Oath of the Motherland,  Oath of Timur,  Oath of Devotion

 Ranger: Hunter,  Marksmen,  and Shadow Tamer. 

 Sorcerer: Mana Painter,  Cataclysm, Dragon. 

 My list is missing 1 Wizard,  1 Rogue,  and 2 cleric archetypes,  does anyone know what they are? 

5 months ago

I would like to see an Oath Breaker