Community voluntary translation

2 weeks ago (edited)


I'm sure that folks here would love to help you translate Solasta into other languages. I would be thrilled to help translate it into Brazilian Portuguese for instance.

Please consider offering a way so the community can do that. I have many friends that would love to play a D&D 5E videogame, but are not fluent in English.

1 week ago

Hey there jmonteiro! 

It's very nice of you to want to help, but remember that people hold video game companies to high standard - meaning that if we do translate Solasta in Brazilian Portuguese officially, we'd very likely go for translation companies. This is because a bad translation have a high chance of bringing negative reviews! 

What some people have done in the past however is that once modding is available, they would create unofficial translation mods. That could be one way to help your community if we don't do an official translation.