Combine different sources of damage (consistently)

Level 6
1 year ago

Solasta often deals separate packets of damage when the tabletop 5E rules would combine them. Some examples are Rogue's Sneak Attack and the Dark Slayer ability of the new Shadow Tamer Ranger from my current game, but there are countless other abilities as well. Some abilities, such as the Duelist fighting style, correctly add the +2 to the total attack damage. I'd like to see every ability include the damage numbers in the main attack, unless there's a clear reason not to (like adding a different damage type on top of a physical weapon attack).

Maybe the most important consequences are for concentration checks. This game forces spellcasters to make way too many checks to maintain a spell. Another point is damage resistances, where each individual packet that has odd numbers of damage is rounded down, instead of combining all the damage and rounding down once if it's still an odd number.