Combination Feedback+Suggestion thread

Level 7
5 months ago

Perhaps I haven't played enough, but the more I play the more generic the world feels (despite what should be an amazing world). I mean, this is supposed to be a world where at most, one full elven generation ago, the catacylsm happened and magic stated coming back (which means elves shouldn't really be going along with this program imo, since the thing that makes them REALLY powerful has returned). Humans, no matter how quickly they spread are literal outsiders to the world but we're rapidly shoved onto a everyone is handy-dandily getting up to serve this council of supposed equals. None of the characters seem to think it's a problem that this Old TIrmarian sturcture seems to have come into existence out of nowhere, and none of them, not even the evil ones seem to think it might be a good idea to take the heads of one of these Sokar when they kill it as proof, even though on arrival they themselves didn't believe the soldiers encountered them. Just, think the story and flavor needs work. The excuse of "it's for newcomers" only stretches so far.

That said, crafting is currently bugged and overly complex besides. I mean, really, have to find the magic missile recipe, get the unique materials, have the tools, and then still have someone on hand that can cast the spell to craft it? Do yourselves a favor and make these changes to both the travel screen and crafting. Travel has it's own subscreen, not unlike Pathfinder-Kingmaker, for handling what the characters are doing during their free time. 

From copying down the information they found in the letter of this old ruin for later perusal, to hunting, and crafting. Crafting is it's own set-up where multiple characters can bring their skills together for the crafting process, so that the Lorekeeper can craft the scroll while the cleric sticks around to cast the spell needed to complete it and they can do something different when it's done.

For Scrolls, just change the recipes to "Empty Scroll Level 1-9 for each of the three different magic types: Green, Arcane, and Divine. That way, you can just have the casters finalize the readied scroll with whatever spell they want to put on it without having a separate recipe for over a hundred spells. If you already have a bunch of spares, you could just make each one the recipe for each of the cantrips.

Players are going to want an auto-cast feature for several spells: Mage Armor, Guidance, Shadow Armor, to name a few. 

They are also going to want a few quick slots for prepared spells, like fire bolt to quickly set multiple torch sconces on fire.

Dancing Lights needs to be altered to be able to be set in mid-air or at the current location of enemies. 

Humans need something going for them, even if it's only the option to take an oath to further the goals of their church in exchange for access to one cantrip. Which would be lost if they didn't uphold their oath.

Rogue's Cunning Action bonus action should instead be layered over as a change to the two noted action buttons so that you can't accidentally disengage with your normal action on accident.

A wizard should be able to scribe a higher level spell than they have the slots for at a penalty, otherwise there's no point in making it a DC check or having the Lorekeeper get the advantage bonus.

Clarify what I'm supposed to do with faction items. Whether I'm supposed to just sell them or give them to someone for a +1 rep bonus for each donation.

The Spy background has been questionable, as I can't start with the spy cypher language, it's an auto-entrance to the fort, but why?and i can poison people... but i can't? That's not even getting into knowing when i can try to pick some pockets, and the like.