Cloud saving bug on GOG version ?

Level 1
2 years ago

Hi. I 've just finished my first session of the (1.0.15_FINAL) version of the game, and I noticed that after I quit the to the desktop, the game doesn 't synch the saves on the cloud, eventhough the game page says the gog version DOES support cloud saving for the game. I even opted to download the "saves backup " from the " Extras " page, and the save file from it shows NO saves (actually I DID have the " !Cloud.Sync Backup>saves " files rightclicked and went to " Properties " tab, but it is shown as empty, and it says the fille size is 0 byte). Is this a bug ? Note, that I also tried to relaunch the game and load my latest save file, all the saves I had made were all there, and the game was loaded normally.


2 years ago (edited)

Same problem for me.  I played on my desktop PC (Latest patch today 6/9/21) and created several saves.  Installed on my laptop, ran the game (it said syncing before it launched) no saved games present, only option was start new adventure which I did.. went through the intro quests for my 4 characters, saved the game then headed to my desktop PC... ran the game it again said syncing... only my original games were there (I assume sitting on my local hard drive) and none of the ones from the laptop.