Cloud saving bug ao GOG version ?

Level 1
1 year ago

Hi. I 've just finished my first session of the (1.0.15_FINAL) version of the game, and I noticed that after I quit the to the desktop, the game doesn 't synch the saves on the cloud, eventhough the game page says the gog version DOES support cloud saving for the game. I even opted to download the "saves backup " from the " Extras " page, and the save file from it shows NO saves (actually I DID have the " !Cloud.Sync Backup>saves " files rightclicked and went to " Properties " tab, but it is shown as empty, and it says the fille size is 0 byte). Is this a bug ? Note, that I also tried to relaunch the game and load my latest save file, all the saves I had made were all there, and the game was loaded normally.