Closing the Rift Bug

Level 3
2 years ago (edited)

Reunited the magister with the crown, we were holding, had killed about 6-8 mobs and were doing fine...and then the screen goes black as if I'm about to get a cutscene...and nothing happens. I see some rolls on the black screen, music keeps playing, but no cut scene and the screen just stays black.
Update: I force closed the game and loaded from last autosave, I was still in combat but the last mob showed as "dead" and the magister was now a dragon. Once I passed on my turn (since I had nothing to attack), combat resolved and I got the final magister cut scene.

2 years ago

Same thing happened to me tonight.  I can't go any further in the 2nd part of the final battle (as far as I know).  Sending a tech support email tonight.  Yep, screen goes black, all I can see are dice rolls...

2 years ago

I did what you did tonight.  🤷‍♂️😊  I was going to win anyway, so at least there's that.  But yep, this is most definitely a bug of some sort, not sure if it affects just HP Pavilion laptop PC's, or certain Windows operating systems, etc.