Cleric starting Equipment - Warhammer not available when when choosing non-dwarven battle cleric.

6 months ago (edited)

The battle cleric gets martial weapon proficiency, but because in the character creation process you select the domain after you choose your starting equipment, you are are unable to select the warhammer. (unless your ancestry allows it)

Also (this is just a preference) but it would be nice if more than one domain got proficiency with heavy armor. In 5E there are several tankier domains which get it (not just Life Cleric). 

6 months ago

I will admit there was a pang in my heart that only the Life Domain cleric gets heavy armor proficiency. The real zinger was that the Battle Domain cleric didn't get it in addition to martial weapons. Magic missile is a nice spell and all, but I want my Battle Domain cleric to feel more . . . battle-y?

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6 months ago

Also, it would be best if armor selection were after Cleric domain choice, since some domains provide access to heavy armor. A cleric who as has access to heavy armor from his domain should be able to choose Chain Mail as starting equipment.

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6 months ago

Agreed on equipment choice. I think that should be the last set of selections before you make the aesthetic character creation choices.

6 months ago (edited)

In 5E, off the top of my head, Life Domain, Tempest Domain, Forge Domain, War Domain, Nature Domain, and Order Domain all get heavy armor.
As for Solasta, I think the Law domain would be a perfect candidate for heavy armor. I mean, look at that channel divinity: 

"Holy Retribution: When a melee attack damages you, you can use your reaction to Channel Divinity and strike back using a melee weapon, adding (2d6 + Cleric level) psychic damage."

A front line cleric would benefit from heavy armor, and I think it fits the domain thematically.