Cleric of Arun can't seem to create potion or scroll of healing

7 months ago

I have a Cleric of Arun who has proficiency is scroll and potion kits and has the cure wounds spell yet when I try to create a potion or scroll of healing, the cure wounds spell ingredient is blurred out. This was something already present in the game before. Is this really a problem of the character? I have no problem with Cleric of Life doing this. Do I need to have cure wounds as a domain spell?

Level 13
7 months ago

Known issue - see several other threads on this. I don't know that Tactical Adventures has responded, but the problem goes away at higher levels.

Level 14
7 months ago (edited)

I think you need to have Cure Wounds prepared, not just in your spell list. Domain Spells are always considered prepared, so a Life Cleric will always have the option to craft these potions. Take a long rest and tick the box for Cure Wounds being prepared and try again.

That being said, I find this requirement to be kinda silly. Being able to craft healing items is one of those things that would normally allow you to forego bringing a healer and play around with less traditional party setups, but that's out of the window when only the healer can make said items. 

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7 months ago

He already has the spell prepared, like I said, he can cast it during the day.