Clarification Needed: Resaving Character that are already in a Campaign

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1 year ago

So here's what happened:
1- I play The Temple at Witch Mountain campaign and finsihed it. Had a ton of treasure but no mods installed. The characters were saved at the end of Witch Mountain (lets say 5th level).

2- I started the follow up campaign for "Sacred Flame" with the exact same characters. We got a couple fights in, but with no long rest and no selling of gear and nothing but cantrips it was hard.

3- Then I installed the mods that let you see a merchant at the end and possibly have a long rest.

My question:

If I load my characters into the INN/Vendor module to sell their treasure and buy stuff, and I save, will that have _ANY_ impact on the "Sacred Flame" campaign I've started above?

Or will I have to start a new campaign with these newly saved characters to get the benefit of having sold treasure and purchased better gear.

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1 year ago (edited)

Sounds like that is a mod, rather than a "merchant campaign" : therefore only the mod page can tell you that. 

This is the General Discussion for Solasta. There is a mod section on these forums, but even there...

btw : I could not find a mod called INN/Vendor.  Is it an option in the Community expansion mod?  I do not see it on that community mod either.

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