Cheers, Larry!

Level 8
Kickstarter Backer Mayor's Ring (Bronze) Weaponsmith (Bronze) Armorsmith (Diamond)
2 years ago (edited)

Snow Dwarves should now properly get +2 in Constitution Saving Throws instead of Advantage. Tell me again about how you "misread" the feature, Larry.

Cheers, Larry! You did everything right, too bad it was too good!

Level 2
2 years ago
Fixed a bug where Saving Throw modifiers were applied twice against Ghouls paralyzing effect. Larry I'm sure you know how to do basic math, stop cheating

This Larry ! Keep helping us secretly and try to dodge the next patch note ;)

Level 10
2 years ago

I'm picturing Joe from Impractical Jokers running around the TA studio screaming "Larry!" at the top of his voice.